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General code of conduct.
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Site Admin
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In general this forum is for the free expression of ideas, thoughts and opinion. But please do not take that as meaning that anything goes, I expect you to moderate yourself, if you say something that would most likely get you punched in the nose saying it face to face, you probably shouldn't say it here. on the flip side, dont get overly offended just because someone dislikes what you say, or you dislike what they say.

I will not tolerate bullying in any way shape or form. please remember that just because you are having fun, does not mean that the "target" of your amusement is, if you are asked by another member to lay off, quit, or in general shut up, please do so, staff has the final say on if behavior is bullying or not, decisions are final, and not reversible, whining crying or trying to get a suspension reduced will only make it longer or permanent.

Locked threads, due to the open topic nature of the site, it may from time to time be the opinion of staff to lock a thread if things are getting out of hand, at that time drop the issue, when things have cooled off it is possible that the thread will be unlocked, starting new threads to continue after one is locked, or creating a thread to complain that a thread was locked may be followed by disciplinary action.

Discipline issues.

The staff will make every attempt to address issues in a timely manner, however we can not be here 24/7 members are encouraged to report posts by email, but please do not abuse this. Staff will make all possible effort to address issues as soon as possible but staff also reserves the right to address issues that are many hours old if they are not able to address them right away.

Word filter, if you see in your post a word comes up as ***** then it is a banned word there are not many but there are a few, do NOT circumvent the word filter in any way, rewording, adding spaces, changing spelling will all get you in trouble. if you leave the stars, that is fine I am sure by the context clues we can figure out what you meant.

Again I am trying to create a forum environment that is a fun/interesting place to be. A place where all viewpoints are scorned equally Laughing Just please be civil, all discipline for the moment will be on a per occurrence basis, you will get a warning to knock something off. if you continue beyond that, then I will start to consider suspensions/bans.

And one more thing, no porn, links or pictures, sorry but there is plenty of places for that on the net, here is not one of them.
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General code of conduct.
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 This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.  This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.  

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